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Student Handbook

Dress Code

Dress Code

Sundance students will NOT wear uniforms this year. Students may dress down, following dress code guidance, Monday through Friday. We expect dress to reflect high standards of personal conduct to promote a positive, safe, and healthy atmosphere at school. Dress should not be a distraction from the educational process.


What may be worn: Pants, capris, jeans, jumpers
What may NOT be worn: No leggings, yoga pants, or spandex unless worn under a dress, skirt, long shirt, or tunic covering bottom. No baggy, saggy, or oversized pants. No shredding, rips, or holes. Pajama pants not allowed.

What may be worn: Short, long sleeve, or sleeveless shirts, blouses
What may NOT be worn: No spaghetti strap shirts, muscle tanks, halter tops (midriffs), tube tops, off-the-shoulder, backless, or low-cut shirts. See-through clothing not allowed.

What may be worn: Shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, rompers
What may NOT be worn: No bike shorts unless worn under a dress, skirt, long shirt, or tunic covering bottom. No baggy, saggy, or oversized shorts. No shredding rips, or holes. Skirts, shorts, and skorts cannot be shorter than the longest finger when arms are hanging down.

What may be worn: Jumpers, polo shirt dresses, dresses
What may NOT be worn: No spaghetti strap dresses, off-the-shoulder, backless, or low-cut dresses. Dresses cannot be shorter than the longest finger when arms are hanging down.

What may be worn: Coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies
What may NOT be worn: Coats and jackets should be removed upon entering classroom.

What may be worn: Sturdy, non-distracting shoes, sandals with sturdy straps (including a back strap)
What may NOT be worn: No high heels, flip-flops, shoes with rollers in them, over-the-knee boots, or slippers.

Belts: No belts hanging from the waist.
Jewelry: No large earrings, spikes, or distractive jewelry. No piercings other than ears.
Hats: Hats are allowed outside. Students will be asked to remove hats when indoors.
Tights: Leggings may only be worn under skirts, skorts, or dresses. No lace or fishnet stockings.
Hair: No unicorn, cat or ear-type headbands.
Other: No tattoos, body piercing, or body art including hand-drawn designs on skin. No make-up. No long, artificial nails.

Offensive language or references to alcohol or drugs is not allowed on any item including socks and accessories. See through clothing is not allowed. Administration reserves the right to determine what is offensive, disruptive, or distracting.

Sundance P.E. Dress Code

All Sundance students are scheduled to attend PE one day each week. The following PE dress code will be enforced.

All students are expected to wear tennis shoes and remove cold weather items when participating indoors. When a student does not wear tennis shoes, he or she will be given the opportunity to wear a pair of tennis shoes provided if wearing socks and the size needed is available. If the student chooses not to use the shoes or is not wearing socks, he or she will sit out and receive a minus for class participation. Tennis shoes are soft-soled shoes that cover the toes, heel, and top of the foot. Heelys, boots, sandals, Crocs, Hey Dudes, and dress shoes are not acceptable. This policy is necessary to create a safe environment. Boots and other slick-soled shoes present a threat, not only to the person wearing them, but to their classmates as well. Tennis shoes provide the appropriate protection and support for the activities the students are expected to perform.

Cold weather items are meant to be worn outside and are to be removed upon entering the gymnasium. Removing cold weather items limits disruptions and maintains a safe environment. Students need to wear leggings, bike shorts, or shorts under their dresses or skirts on P.E. day.