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Learning Innovations Coach

Carolyna Aparici Chavez

Learning Innovations Coach

Join us for a special family literacy event at Sundance Elementary on Thursday, March 7th, at 5:30pm featuring the return of the captivating storyteller and author Joe Hayes! Joe has been traveling across the country for over 40 years, sharing stories of the Southwest and pioneering bilingual Spanish-English storytelling. We are delighted to have him back at Sundance thanks to our NM-OST Clubs, Sundance Spanish Club and Art & Literacy Clubs! With over twenty-five books published in both English and Spanish, including titles like "The Day It Snowed Tortillas" and "La Llorona," Joe has delighted and inspired children in thousands of schools. He was the resident storyteller at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian in Santa Fe for 39 years, and many parents and teachers of today's kids heard Joe's tales when they were children themselves. Joe Hayes is known for demonstrating that sharing stories is a natural human joy, delightful for both the listener and the teller, and an important learning experience for children. Sundance students will engage in an age appropriate story from Joe’s books and discussions on culture, writing, publishing, storytelling, and career choices. Additionally, each group is given a follow-up writing challenge and encouraged to send their stories to Joe. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Joe Hayes' storytelling with your family at our free literacy event for all ages! All are invited! Books will be available for purchase at the event. We can’t wait to see you there!

Benefits of Reading Together and Telling Stories:

  • Improves Language Skills: Reading together and storytelling expose children to a wide range of vocabulary, helping them develop stronger language skills.
  • Enhances Cognitive Development: Engaging in reading and storytelling activities stimulates brain development in children, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Strengthens Bonding: Sharing stories creates a special bond between children and caregivers, promoting emotional connection and closeness.
  • Fosters Imagination and Creativity: Reading and storytelling encourage children to use their imagination and creativity, leading to enhanced cognitive and emotional development.
  • Promotes Academic Success: Research suggests that children who are read to regularly perform better academically, with improved literacy skills and higher academic achievement.
  • Develops Empathy and Social Skills: Stories provide opportunities for children to learn about emotions, empathy, and social interactions, helping them develop important social and emotional skills.
  • Builds Confidence: Being read to and encouraged to share their own stories boosts children's confidence and self-esteem, empowering them to express themselves more effectively.
  • Cultivates a Love for Learning: Regular exposure to reading and storytelling instills a love for learning in children, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for reading and exploration.
  • Enhances Concentration and Focus: Listening to stories requires children to concentrate and focus, improving their attention span and ability to stay engaged in tasks.
  • Creates Lifelong Memories: Reading together and sharing stories create cherished memories that children will carry with them throughout heir lives.