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Physical Education

P.E. in March 2024:

Hello Sundance Students and Families!

Here is what we will be working on during Physical Education in the month of March:

PreK – Second Grade
All younger students have enjoyed developing their volleying skills using
balloons. Second grade students have moved onto trainer volleyballs and should be playing 4-square before Spring Break starts. After volleying,
the PreK-1st grade classes began working on the movement concept of speed. The students really enjoyed using the older kids Map Challenge track in the gym as their racetrack while pretending to be race cars in the Daytona 500.

Third – Sixth Grades
Classes will continue with their volleyball units until Spring Break. Please
encourage your student(s) to set aside some time to work on their Volleyball Home Play PHYSICAL EDUCATION activities. Students were encouraged to include family members if they were to choose the “Play a
volleyball game with some friends” activity.

As part of the Maps Challenge unit, each class has continued to chart their progress across either the Iditarod Trail (3rd grade), the Appalachian Trail (4th grade), Pacific Crest Trail (5th grade), or the Oregon Trail (6th grade). At the midpoint of the unit, students have travelled approximately 600 actual miles by running/walking almost 19,000 laps
around the gym.

maps students are using in P.E. class

The American Heart Association’s (AHA) Kid’s Heart Challenge (KHC) returns to Sundance Elementary after a 1-year absence. KHC is a great opportunity for our students to work on getting their hearts healthy while helping others by raising money for those who don’t have healthy
hearts! KHC kicks off with an assembly on March 18th, the day we return from Spring Break, and runs for three weeks until Friday, April 5th. All fundraising will be conducted online and parents have the option of utilizing social media to assist their student’s fundraising efforts. All students who raise $100 or more will get to dump a cup of slime on Mr. Hall our PE teacher at the Renaissance assembly at the end of the year. Students can get a head start by registering for KHC today using the AHA Schools app (which can be found in your App Store by typing "Kids
Heart Challenge") or register online.

As part of KHC this year, AHA has partnered with the NFL to support improving health outcomes at home and beyond through the Hands-Only CPR education. Students that complete the Finn’s Mission (which includes watching a Hands-Only CPR video) on the KHC website will earn an entry for two tickets to Super Bowl LIX in 2025 and our school will be entered to receive a $10,000 fitness equipment makeover for every 18 students who complete Finn’s Mission.

Students need to remember to wear shorts under their dresses and skirts. For your child’s safety please have them wear supportive tennis shoes on their PE Day.  

Your child’s PE day:

Monday: Marry, Barragan, Justice, Brojer, and Castillo

Tuesday: Garcia, Clafton, McElroy, Culbreath, Cordova, and Cannon

Wednesday: Rivera, Holden, Philips, Engler, Hawkes, and Jojola

Thursday: Yates, Lopez, Torres, Serna, Washburn, Walraven, and Prevot

Friday: Burt, Hilburn, Baca, Blaine, and Atencio