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Ashley Jiron

Library Support Specialist
tiger; books

Our new year has begun, and we jumped right into library lessons.

The younger grades are still getting acquainted to fiction vs nonfiction and why it is so important to know these terms in a library. When we are reading, I am introducing a theme with both fiction and nonfiction books. For example, if we are reading a Pete the cat selection, I will pair it with an informational text about domestic cats. It is amazing to see the younger students grasp the concept and to see how much they retain when they come to the next week’s lesson!

The older grades are diving more in depth with the fiction vs nonfiction concept by identifying where certain books belong in the library. After being introduced to the sections of our library, students are able to find texts they are interested in by using their knowledge of which section is fiction or nonfiction. This will be highly beneficial to those students moving on to secondary education at both the middle school and high school level. Our libraries in the district are an excellent resource for all our students, and it is easier if the students know how to utilize them.

I have an update on our Scholastic Spring Book Fair! This event will take place during the week of April 15-19, 2024. We will have a parent night again that will coincide with our Art and Literacy night, date TBD. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please reach out to me on my school email or you may call the school and ask to be transferred to the library. I will be reaching out to all of you who filled out a volunteer form in the fall.

Please remind your students to return books every week. At the completion of our school year, I will be sending out notices for those students who have not returned their library materials. Your student will not receive their last report card, as well as incur fines which can follow them through their time here in the LL Schools district. I still have students that have not returned their books from May 2023 and have not been able to checkout for the entirety of our current school year. We love to see the students reading, so please have communication with them about the return of library materials. Thank you!