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Janelle Barela

art teacher

March in the Art Room:

Students learned how to paper weave by weaving strips of paper into a Rainbow fish they colored. Students are continuing the project by creating a “home” for their Rainbow fish. Students will color a background and use the technique of collage to add other details that resemble life under the sea.

Students are celebrating “National Read Across America Day” by creating art inspired by Dr. Seuss. Students will learn how to draw and paint a fish inspired by the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”. They have started with drawing a fish inspired by the illustrations of this Dr. Seuss book. They will finish the project by creating a background using simple shapes and lines.

1st Grade:
Students first practiced paper weaving by learning the over-under technique and using this technique to weave paper strips into a paper loom. We talked about looms, different weaving techniques, and what materials yarn can be made of. Students then created a cardboard llama by drawing the face, fur, and decorations with marker and weaving a blanket on the llama using yarn.

2nd Grade:
Students learned about the history of and process of making Ojos de Dios (God’s Eyes). Students practiced
paper weaving by using the over-under technique. Then they created Ojos de Dios by weaving in a circle around two popsicle sticks.

3rd Grade:
Students are creating a family tree inspired by the Family Heritage Project they participated in their classroom. Students sketched ideas of images that represent their family heritage or traditions. They drew and colored these ideas onto a plate and are finishing the project by weaving yarn into a tree loom on their plate.

4th Grade:
Students learned how to circle weave by creating a design on a plate, making the plate into a loom, and
weaving yarn into the loom by using the over under technique.

5th and 6th Grade:
Students drew two pictures of the same image and background. We revisited the color wheel by discussing
warm and cool colors. Students learned about contrast in art and colored one image with cool colors and the other image with warm colors. They will finish the project by making one of their drawings into a loom, cutting the other drawing into strips, and weaving the two images together.