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Traci Ordonez



Happy March Sundance Families,

As February came and went, we now look forward to all the exciting things March will bring us! In Counseling Class, we will be discussing what “starts our storm”; in other words, what makes us angry. Along with that,
we will be talking about strategies we can use to help us calm down. On the right is a picture of the activity we will be working on in class. Anger is a healthy emotion to have. It is important to remember that it is okay for kids (and adults!) to get angry. It is what we DO with that anger that can be either healthy or unhealthy. If you would like to work on some of these strategies at home, you can always work on the “Stop light” solution.

Have your child visualize a stoplight and follow the three colors of a traffic light:
1. Stop= In that red zone we need to recognize when we are angry and stop to take some deep breaths.
2. Yellow= In this yellow zone, students slow down so they can plan for solutions with the angry feelings.
3. Green= Kids get the green light to implement the solutions they have come up with. Anger is a tough emotion to tame. The more kids can practice managing their emotions early on, the easier it will be to manage the tough stuff later in life!

As always, have a great March and enjoy your Spring Break!